First off I would like to say that the people who sit in front of computers and edit videos are very unappreciated. In order for someone to edit a video, it takes skill and is a craft.

For example, as you can see in my video it is not the best of sound quality, voice overs are not matched perfectly and I jump with the camera.

I spent hours in front a computer screen after shoot my video of a class project. The people that have mastered the craft of video editing can start and finish, in what I feel like is quicker than a blink of an eye.

Think about all of the videos we see on television, they look flawless. Everything matches perfectly, that takes practice, skills and understanding of how computers and video’s work.

If anyone thinks that editing is easy or not art, then I challenge them to shoot a video on their own, then edit the video and then share it.

It sounds easy in theory, but after having done it first hand, i now have a greater appreciation for the artists that takes pieces of films and turns them into shows, movies, commercial, etc.